Double-Color Graduation Tassel-Gold/Emerald


Year Charm

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Double-Color Graduation Tassel-Gold/Emerald

Multi-colors: gold, emerald green
High quality Graduation Tassel
Free moving current year charm
Tassel length measures 9” without the hang loop
A 6” hang loop allows easy fitting to the cap
Each tassel comes with a current year date charm signet
Strong reinforcement metal clasp holder

The double-color graduation tassel is in gold/Emerald green. Some school requires to wear tassels as per school colors, so when your school’s color is gold and emerald green, you can choose this multi-color tassels. In addition, college and university graduates can choose color as per their study major.  Every major has its own representative color. You can choose the tassels color matching your major’s representative colors.  If you order more, special discounts offered.  Please feel free to contact us!

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