Master Fluted Gown in UK-style


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UK-style Master Graduation Gown-Black

Premium Matte dull finished fabric in black
Top of the line tailored construction
Features deluxe detailed fluting along shoulders and yoke
Traditional Oblong extended sleeves with elbow opening
Pressed Pleated font and back detailing
Each Deluxe Masters Gown will give you a comfortable prestigious appearance and fit

UK-style Master Graduation Gown-Black are specially prepared for those who win their Master Degree in UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada. Made out of high quality crease resistant, flat, lightweight material, the Deluxe Black Master Gown will certainly make your graduation day much more awesome.  The special sleeves design and open front are classic UK academic style. Long sleeves are closed at the end and opened at elbow part to let hand pass through. These types of Black Master Gowns are fluted and provide you with outstanding quality and comfort at the right cost. Professional craftsmanship will take some time so order yours ahead of time. If you’re one of those who want nothing but the very best gown for your graduation, order right now!


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