1 How long does it take to get my order?

This is an important question and it comes up often.There are two things you need to be aware of and you need to add them together to get an estimate of how long it will take to get your order total.

Firstly, there is a processing time (is 1-3 work days) for the in-stock products and processing time (3 weeks) for custom product generally. Or you can pay a quick or rush fee for custom item ordered for an expedited process time which will reduce the processing time (to as quick as 1 week to 2 weeks).

* Custom Orders may not apply to expedited processing times.

Secondly, there is the shipping time (which is not the same as the processing time). and the shipping options available is as below:

Postal Service (8-12 work days)
Regular Shipping (5-7 work days)
Rush Shipping (2-4 work days)

The shipping options and time may vary for different counties. You can check the shipping time by simulating placing an order on our website. And just remember the shipping time is in addition to the processing time and you need to add together both the handling or customing time and the shipping time to get a time estimate for your order.

2 Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our products internationally. We ship worldwide to your door by postal service or Fedex, DHL.

3 How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary depending on your selection of shipping method and order amount. You can check the shipping cost by simulating placing an order on our website. Or you can contact our sales representatives to quote the cost for you.

4 When does Free Shipping apply?

Our free shipping offer only applies on the shipments to United States with ordering over $1000.

1 What payment methods does you company accept?
We accept payment by credit card (VISA Mastercard Discover American Express) through PayPal,money booker,Western Union and bank transfer.

2 Why won’t your system accept my credit card?

We accept VISA Mastercard Discover American Express cards. Most credit card rejections are because your address does not match the address on record with your credit card company. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a single digit off a mis-capitalization a dash or something very minor like that. Please try to re-enter your address to match what your credit card company has on file.

3 Your system said my order is out of time, so I reordered. But when I check my account and find the money has been paid twice. How should I do now?

Please don’t worry. If you were charged twice for one order, please contact us. We will check our account. Once confirmed, we will refund your money by paypal in 2 to 3 days.

1 What is the main fabric of the robes?

Our robes are made of matte and shiny fabric mainly.

2 What’s the difference between the matte fabric and the shiny fabric?

The main difference is the finish of the fabric. Our shiny gowns are a knitted fabric that has more of a shiny look to it giving the color of the gowns more brightness. Our matte gowns are a woven fabric which has more of a flat dull finish. Either option looks great.

3 How do I make sure the size?

You need to provide us with each your height when measuring the robe. You can view our sizing chart
* We offer full-fit sizes for those customers in need of more room for girth.

I would like to know my order’s status. Who should I call and which email address should I email to?

Our phone number is 1(415) 666-2948. Or please submit a message online, we will reply you within 24 hours for any order question.

2 What’s your return policy?

You need to provide us some pictures for checking firstly. All customized item are not returnable or exchangeable.For more details, kindly refer to our Return and Exchange policy